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Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Businesses can be floored when it comes to the cost for creative services. Businesses are looking for the most cost-effective pricing while designers are trying to make as much as possible from a project. So, what do you do if you’re a business looking to hire a designer. You really need to do some research. This step is simple and you can do this anonymously. Obviously, you could research designers and agencies on the web. When you do this don't just stop at the first page. There is a lot of noise on the first page if you do a search for Graphic Designers in Google. Dive down past that noise and you will start to find actual designer pages. Once you have done this look at their work, their services, and find out about their processes. The other thing that you could do is talk to a friend or business colleague. Every business has a logo and someone needed to create that logo. Find out who created their logo or website.


That is a true statement. You will need to do some research and gather quotes from several different designers and agencies. Are you noticing a pattern here? Research is the key to any project. Yes, designers and agencies are looking to make as much money as they can charge, but most of them deserve their fees. They have a business to run also and they are charging fair market price for their services. First you should think about what type of designer do you need. Are you looking for a team of designers or will a single designer work for your project? Do you need a new brand, a logo refresh, website, or marketing collateral? An agency can handle all of these tasks but so can a freelance designer. The freelance designer is going to be specialized. You will need to do more research to discover potential designers for your project. Once you have number of agencies or designers in mind talk to them. Tell them that you are in need of their services. Let them know about your project. An experienced designer or agency will listen to you and should give you a free consultation. After that consultation, you should receive some documentation from them with a quote on the project. Review the quotes. Know how much you can spend on your project. Remove the ones that are way over budget. The other thing you should do is remove the quotes that are underpriced.

Why do you want to remove the underpriced quotes? Well, that should be a sign that they are not sure how much they should be charging and they under value their work. Another reason to cut them is because it is more than likely a template that they are using not a custom design solution tailored for your business. Now don't get me wrong there are times when a template is all you need, but if you look closer at the work they do you will notice that all of their work is similar. If you are looking to get your website up quick and out there so you can start making money then you should use a template. You should revisit the designer when the time is right to develop a custom solution for your business.


Hourly rates look like they are cheaper but you don't really know what you are going to pay for the project. Look for a designer or agency that will charge you for the project. I ditched the hourly rate years ago and I have never felt so free. Here is why I did this. I thought of myself as the client. I estimated a web project to take 100 hours to complete at the hourly rate of $75. This is the max budget for this project. The client is fine with that but what happens if it took 25 more hours due to some unforeseen accident. The client expected the cost of the project to be no more than $7,500 for the project. This accident added another $1,875 to the expense placing the project over budget. I know that I would be upset since I thought the cost for the project would not be more than $7,500. It is great if it comes under budget but that is normally not the situation.

The most important point to remember is do research. Establish the budget for your project and start an open conversation with the creatives you are interested in working alongside. Design agencies and graphic designers are experts at solving visual problems. Use their expertise to help you with your projects. Black Creative Studio is open for new clients, contact us to set up a free consultation. 

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