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Updated: Apr 17, 2018

I love building brand identities. It is my passion. I started my career as an intern at an agency that specialized in brand identity. Your logo is only a part of that process but it is one of the most important parts of your brand. It is important to focus on your logo since it is the core of your brand.

Why shouldn't I get a deal on the design?

There is a difference between a deal and value. You shouldn't go out there looking for a deal. The deal websites will give you a cheap logo. The logo will not be timeless. After whatever current trend is gone your logo will look old. There is potential that it is over designed. The logo will not scale well and the details that you like in the logo will not be present. Now those last statements are not as bad as what can happen by using a deal based website. Logos are to be custom built for your business. There should be thought and research that goes into the conception of the logo. If you are using a value website to get your logo once it is delivered you should check to see if it is a template or if the elements are used from stock art. There are a couple of problems with that. The first one is that you have just worked with an unethical designer. The designer is using another person's work as their own. The other issue will be if you try and trademark that work.

Can I Trademark a Logo Using Stock Graphics?

The short answer is no. That is stated in the agreement from the stock graphic sites. You do not have the rights to allow you to trademark that logo. Some sites will allow you to purchase the exclusive rights to that image. This is rather expensive and you just lost any "deal" you thought you had. Besides the legal issues with using stock graphics let me put this in your mind. That stock graphic can be in use anywhere in the world. The unique logo that you thought you purchased is not truly unique.

These are just a few pitfalls associated with logo design. Branding is my passion and I will touch this subject many times. When you select a designer or agency you should speak to several and interview like you are hiring a new employee. You are not selecting a designer that is going to produce a one off piece of art. You are selecting a designer who is going to translate your vision and concept into a lasting symbol of your company and brand.

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