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Updated: Jul 16, 2019

As you might have noticed I spend a lot of time and energy writing about brands and branding. That is because I have a passion for branding. I love everything about creating brands. There is a lot of work that goes into creating a brand. A lot of people think that a "brand" is just a "logo". That is not the case. I created a small easy to digest series of blog posts in order to explain branding. Therefore, I will not spend a lot of time to review this subject here. I will provide a the links at the end of this post in case you missed the series.

What I want to speak about here is the power of a simple brand. Let's face it, brands are everywhere. The screen of the device or computer that you are reading this on is sure to have a logo on it. What makes branding interesting to me is the basic problem every brand needs to solve. How do you make your brand stand out from the crowd?

A brand specialist will dive into this problem. They will look at your brand and the competition to gather important information. They will then digest the information and see what makes the competition stand out from your brand. Every successful brand is highly focused and provide a solution to a common problem. Wether that solution is a product or service the end result is the they solve a consumer's problem with satisfaction. What I want to focus on here is the fact that simple brands demand attention and why they accomplish that task well.


How are simple brands recognizable? At a glance you will know you are looking at and which brand it is because of the manner that they communicate. McDonald's is a good example of simple branding and messaging. Look at these examples of ads that were featured during the 2018 World Cup. The ads are stylized for the event but they do not deviate from using their brand red and yellow colors. You know this is an advertisement for McDonalds with a quick glance. They could have left off their logo and the majority of people would identify these advertisements with the fast food chain. The messaging of the ads are simple. They are focused. Enjoy some ice cream, fries or a Big Mac while watching the matches.


What does that mean? Simple brands cut through the noise. They communicate their brand message in a manner that is deliberate. How do they do this? They had help and guidance from branding experts. In order to create a simple brand you need to be able to answer three questions:

  1. Your company is …

  2. Your company does …

  3. Your company serves …

Those three questions look simple but during a discovery phase you will find that they are difficult to answer. Once you have a brand established the answer will come easy. I struggled with these questions when I was creating Black. Yes my company is a graphic design studio but I wanted to create a special studio and during the research phase I was not sure of the direction I wanted to travel. That made the second question difficult to answer. There are many different areas of design that I could have focused on. I also had a difficult time figuring out who I wanted to serve. Once you have those questions answered the next step is begin developing the brand. Now I can tell you that my company creates brands for small to medium size businesses.


There is a lot of science behind brand building. They work because of many different aspects. They know their target audience and how to communicate their message to them while connecting on an emotional level. They offer a solution to a problem that people have and in many ways they are the preferred solution for the problem. Their employees understand the brand values and messaging. They deliver on the brand promise. They live up to the same standards as any brand, but they do it with less noise. The message is clear and concise. When you cut through the noise consumers are able to retain the message and recall the information. That is why simple brands work and why they will conquer the world.

We at Black Creative Studio are here to help you. Don't start a branding project on your own. We are here to guide you. Starting a conversation is always free. CLICK HERE to start communicating with Black Creative Studio to learn how we can help your brand. Also learn more about what a brand is by reading these short informative posts.

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