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Brand perception is the result of consumer’s experiences with a brand. Brand perception is important to a marketing strategy because it elevates a product or company into a brand. Really, brand perception makes a connection with consumers. Think of brand perception as finally being able to put a name to the face of a person you have had limited daily encounters.

What makes brand perception important? If a company or business can strategically position themselves from the beginning the result will be brand loyalty. That is another topic, but you will notice the topics do not function in a stand alone manner. They are cohesive and form the bonds that create strong brands or if there are issues with any of the functions they can destroy brands.


Brand perception is important because it is what consumers think of your brand. It is more than that. Brand perception influences consumer's intent of purchase. The perception of your brand determines if the consumer purchases your product or your competitor's product.

With the world being connected by social media, companies need to be strategic when running their marketing campaigns. If they select a word that means one thing in their home country but has an alternate meaning in another country it could have a negative impact on the brand. Also, think about the celebrity endorsements. There have been many situations where a celebrity has endorsed a product and then became unpopular. That unpopularity will have consequences for that brand.

Brand perception is fluid and always evolving. The more positive interactions a consumer has with a brand, the more likely the consumer's perception will remain favorable. That one positive interaction can snowball into more positive interactions. That happens when the consumer begins to recommend to their friends and family. This type of interaction will also help remove negative brand perceptions.

Brands need to research the reality of brand perception and not project what they believe how consumers feel about their brand. Research is like checking for a pulse. This research can be completed by simply having a consumer fill out a survey. They way to measure brand Perception is simple, but many companies do not properly read the information. Not properly interpreting the research can lead to ineffective marketing strategies. Additionally, brands make the mistake of thinking they can control brand perception, but the control and power are entirely in the hands of the consumers.

Branding isn't a process that your company should take on without consulting an agency. Black Creative Studio will partner with your company to create your brand. If you’re interested in a discussing how Black Creative Studio can help your company, email us to set up a free consultation. 

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