Updated: Aug 5, 2019

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Let me get this out there now. A brand promise is more than a tagline. If you are building a brand and think that your tagline is the brand promise you have just missed the mark. Yes a tagline can be your brand promise it can also be in the messaging, advertisements, and social media of your company. The thing you need to ensure is that you are living up to that promise in every consumer interaction. Black Creative Studio's brand promise is creative, intelligent & simple design solutions. Every project we work on we will live by those words. Every brand has a promise. Take a look at a few other brand promises that have defined the companies behind them:

Coca-Cola: "To inspire moments of optimism and uplift."

Disney: "Creating happiness through magical experiences."

Amazon: "Earth's biggest selection and being the Earth's most customer-centric company.

Spotify: "Music for everyone."

Chipotle: "Food with integrity."

A Brand Promise is a Commitment to the Customer

The best brand promise is a link between the brand strategy and consumers. The promise is a commitment to your consumers. You must live up to that commitment in every product or service you provide. It is vital for the success of the brand. Keep in mind that the more a brand promises the higher the consumer's expectations. A brand must deliver those expectations.

Qualities of a Strong Brand Promise

The strength of any brand promise is measured against the same qualities. The qualities that a brand is measured against are as follows:

Authentic: A brand promise should be inspired by its mission.

Believable: Customers must believe that the brand is capable of living up to the promise.

Clear: Should be easy to understand and well-defined.

Compelling: Pledge something that matters to consumers and solve their problem in an unexpected manner.

Memorable: Something that remains with your customer.

Unique: The brand promise should reinforce the mission of the brand while effectively solving the consumer's problem in a uncommon manner.

A Brand Promise Strengthens Business

You wonder how a brand promise strengthens business. Simple, it is your reputation. The brand needs to deliver the expected results of the brand. If it does not then consumers will lose faith in the brand, but living up to that promise grows consumer faith in the brand. More people will be willing to speak about the brand to their friends and family. The more a brand delivers the expected results the consumers will continue to use the brand's products or services.

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Keep your brand promise simple.

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