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Building a successful identity leads to a successful brand if the message for the identity has clarity. Clarity builds successful relationships, it is the key to parenting, brings success to politicians and business leaders. Clarity in communications lead to success with brands too.

Successful social media posts have a clear message. It is crucial to have a clear message on Twitter. Especially, since you have a limited amount of characters to communicate your message. Communicating a clear message is the beginning of building a successful identity. Let's examine Burger King.

McDonald's and Burger King both sell burgers. They are the kings of the fast food burger. How did Burger King manage to become a player in the fast food burger market? Burger King sells flame broiled burgers. That is their message. They communicate that message across many different platforms. Yes, they consistently communicate their message, but more importantly they clearly communicate the message. Their message is evident in their product photography too. You see the grill marks in all of their burger photos. This level of consistency and clarity takes discipline and planning.

Agencies and designers that develop brand identities effectively and clearly communicate the message of the identity. The message is carefully crafted in a manner that ensures the consumer understands the value of the identity. Let me expand with a message that I know well. Black Creative Studio is a virtual design studio obsessed with designing better brands. Black Creative Studio specializes in brand identity design. This statement is displayed on our homepage. It is communicated across all of our pages and our blog focuses on branding topics. Viewers have the understanding that Black Creative Studio is not just a creative studio. It is a creative studio that focuses on building identities.



Walter Landor

This quote continues to be one of my favorites and I know that I have used it in another post, but it is still relevant for this post. Many designers say that they are brand builders. That is really not true. Designers and Design Agencies lay the foundations for brands. They craft the frameworks. Consumers are the true creators of the brand. Let's get back on track and stay focused. The message is clarity. Building an identity is a strategic process. It requires research, planning and consistency.

Consistency and clarity go hand in hand when developing an identity. One of the biggest tasks that identity designers face is crafting a strong message. Not only do they craft the message, but they have to remain consistent when executing the message. The message needs to be received by consumers in the same manner no matter how they interact with the identity. That clarity in the message paired with the consistency of execution will foster the consumer's emotional feelings and they will start to create the brand.


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