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Updated: Aug 5, 2019

When do you need to rebrand your company? I decided to rebrand my freelance studio and turn it into a full service design agency. Why did I decide to do this? First, I wanted to be part of something larger. I looked around in my market and said that I can offer my services and provide a higher level of execution. What did rebranding do for me? I am able to redefine who I am, what my agency stands for, and why the agency matters. This is true for any company looking to rebrand. Here is the burning question. Why do I need to rebrand my company?

Update the Company Look.

Does your company's logo look dated? The need for an updated company image is the most common reason for rebranding. Rebranding the look of the company is a way to retain existing customers and successfully attracting new customers.

Your Business Has Evolved.

Lets face it, you have been in business for a while and your company has found new solutions to solve the problems of your customers.

Did the Company Change Names?

There are many reasons for a name change. Sometimes the name you have is just bad or wrong for your business. The name does not represent who you are, or you’ve encountered a trademark conflict. A new name is the rebirth of the company. It is a fresh start and your business will be able to gain new momentum.

Company Mergers & Acquisitions.

This is the perfect time to create a new unified brand. Did your company acquire another company with strong brand recognition? The merger isn't meant to isolate consumers. Many companies will look to have the two logos combined.

Has your Business Lost their Competitive Edge?

Has your company been loosing out to your competition? Companies often react to losing market share or decreasing sales by rebranding. A well planned and executed rebranding solution will enable your company to grow new customers and create a positive atmosphere in your arena. The key for success is to identify what makes your company different or unique from your competitors and then you build your brand on that keypoint.

Does your Business have a Disjointed Look?

Your brand can have disjointed assets if you’re not careful. Over the years you have hired different designers and agencies to work on your materials. If they are not following the style guide your assets will be disjointed and your brand will loose equity. Rebranding will allow you to gain equity and a reset your assets.

Your Brand is Boring.

Your company could sell widgets. The product is boring but works well and is the best widget on the market. Just because the product is boring your brand should not be boring. Your company needs to be bold and get people excited to buy your widgets. Attitude can help propel brand.

Your Brand has a Negative Image.

This is something that no brand wants to try to recover from. It is possible to remove the negative image. A new brand can fight through the negative image of your brand. A unified brand with a new message will place the brand in a new light, but you must be careful so your company doesn't repeat the same situations that created the negative image.

When it comes to rebranding, there can be big risks and rewards. The decision to rebrand should not be taken lightly and there must be strategic reasons for developing the process. The right branding agency will guide you through the process. If you’re interested in a rebranding your company, email us to set up a free phone consultation. 

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