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Updated: Feb 17, 2020

I just made a bold statement. Designers have a role to play in creating the identity of a brand. However, they do not create brands. Brands are created by consumers. It is an emotional connection between the service or product that the brand offers. This connection creates loyalty. Why is brand loyalty important? Well, there are many different reasons why a consumer is loyal to a brand. The biggest reason is the experience that they had with the brand.

Today’s marketplace is crowded, and companies are competing for the same audience. The products or services that these companies offer are similar in value. It is the branding that distinguishes each one of these companies. For example, if a consumer wants to purchase a laundry detergent there are many varieties to choose from. All offer the same quality and sizes. Taking away price differences, why does a consumer choose to buy one brand of over another? The answer is based on their brand experience. Brand experience is the manner that customers react to the packaging, visual identity, advertising, quality of the product and perception of the brand.

What is a Brand? The simplistic form of a brand is a proprietary name for a product, service, or company. Looking at the grand scheme a brand is the total of all functional and emotional assets of the product, service, or company that separates it from the competition.



Walter Landor


Brand identity is the visual and verbal appearance of a brand. This includes all design applications, such as logo, business card, letterhead, packaging, tagline and web site. Brand identity can also be called corporate identity or visual identity.

A brand identity is a program that integrates every visual and verbal element of a company’s graphic design, including typography, color, imagery, and its application to print, digital media, environmental graphics, and any other media. It is a master plan that coordinates every aspect of graphic design material in order to attain and sustain an identifiable image and status in a multinational marketplace of brands.

Every successful brand has maintained a loyal consumer base due to its clearly defined brand identity and the brand experiences it builds. Through a very carefully planned strategic brand identity that is memorable, consistent, and distinctive, companies like Coca-Cola & Apple have been able to maintain consumer loyalty and positive consumer perception.



Branding is important not only to the survival of your company but to your customer base. Branding is extremely important because it gets to the “why” of your business. Consumer’s make their decisions based on more than just pricing. Consumers with a strong emotional connection to your brand will find it easier to pay more for your product or service because of their past experiences. Branding provides a clear reason as to why consumers should choose you over your competition.

Here are a few of the benefits your business may experience by investing in branding:


Brand design can help increase your credibility by improving the perception of your business. People buy more from companies they trust. A strong brand identity makes your company appear more established and increases your credibility.


Your business might not have been around for the last 25 years, but a well-developed brand identity can improve the perception of your business in the eyes of potential consumers. Identity goes a long way toward establishing trust. Companies that aren’t properly branding themselves risk losing market share.


Your products are not the only thing that consumers are looking for when they make a purchase. If your company presents a well-rounded brand identity, your business will look more complete and more attractive to potential customers. Brands are one of the most valuable assets a company has. Brand equity is one of the factors that can increase the financial value of a business to potential customers.

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