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Black stories will be a series of posts about things that we are working on here at the studio, a little history about the studio and our employees. We find press releases boring to read so what we want to do here is make that boring information fun and interesting to read. We have all done things in our lives that are funny and of course we have a good story to tell maybe two. You know the story you tell about that time you and your best friend launched your car over a railroad crossing Dukes of Hazzard style and some how nothing happened to your car. We want to tell stories that entertain and help relate.

I Love Dogs!

Yes I am a dog lover. I stated that in the about section of the site. I am not a little dog fan. I find them annoying and they bark to much. I would rather have a large dog. I am the current owner of a big dumb dog. She is an American Bulldog and very fun. We take walks around the city and her favorite thing to do is chase balls. My son players soccer and he has to be careful and ensure that the dog is not outside or she will get his ball and burst the bladder. In the winter she will chase snowballs if you throw them in the yard. During the summer she will attack the water from the hose or faucet. She brings a lot of joy to my family and I.

Grass Puppy
American Bulldog Puppie in Grass

Hiding Puppy
American Bulldog Puppy Hiding

American Bulldog Adult
Our American Bulldog All Grown Up

#Dogs #AmericanBulldog #dog #doglover #BlackCreativeStudio

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