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Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Design is everywhere. That is a bold statement, but it is true. Look around. The phone that is attached to your hand was designed, so was the computer at your desk. That desk I mentioned was designed. The building you are located was designed. The stack of business cards that you have been collecting have been designed. This blog page was designed. Design is everywhere and it evokes emotion. Design can force you to make a decision. Which candidate will receive your vote. The charity that will receive your attention. It is clear that design is everywhere. The question remains. How does design affect your business and marketing?

1. Good design separates you from the crowd.

Have you ever bought something because it looked better than another product? Look at your competition. They offer the same product, that performs the same functions as your product, and they are in the same price range. Why do they sell more product than you? Look at their product packaging. Does it look better than your package? People are drawn to the more attractive option. Your company needs to stand out from the competition. How is that going to happen? Quite simply, by good design. Design must help your company, brand, product, or service grab the attention of your potential consumers.

2. Good design makes a good first impression.

Brands are at war with each other. They are fighting for your attention. Take a look around at any store and you will see colorful packaging and labels fighting for your attention. They want you to interact with the package. They know that the longer you stair at the package the chances increase that you are going to purchase that product. Your product needs to stand out from this noise. How is that going to happen? You already know the answer to that question, good design.

Let's compare your business' design to a handshake. I have a firm handshake. One that let's a person know that I am trustworthy. I don't just place my hand out there and let it flop around in a weak grip. I look the person in the eye with a smile and greet them by saying "hello". You have already made a decision about me in this instant of time. The first impression has been made and it is difficult to change that impression. The design of your business needs to do the same in an instant of time. Good design is going to ensure that a consumer purchase your product over your competition.

3. Good design strengthens your brand.

Every marketing piece your company releases should support the identity of your brand. The marketing materials must be consistent, well designed, show attention to details, and the most important aspect is convey your message. The consistent look will build brand recognition. This recognition will in turn strengthen brand loyalty.

4. Good design generates more leads.

Marketing materials are meant to generate leads for your company, create a specific buzz around a product or a service. Your marketing materials must drive people to your website. This is the single most important representation of your brand. The site should be user-friendly, have meaningful content, and drive business. If it does not convert visitors into leads, then your site has failed. It might take time for this process to take hold. It will not happen over night but the more you are driving people to your site the more likely they will turn into a lead. This is a subject for later but now we must focus on your marketing materials.

5. Good design keeps your brand memorable.

Design is more than the outward appearance of a business, brand or product. It is all of the little parts that are taken for granted that makes the brand. Color, type, images, and content are just a few things you need to have a memorable brand. Brands become memorable when all of the parts work together. This is a difficult concept for people to wrap their heads around so here is how I like to explain it.

Think of your best friend. Now remember back to when you first met them. First you noticed their appearance. As you got to know them and learn more about them you noticed all of the little parts that made up them. The way that they speak, how they interacted with other people, and the music that they like. As you got to know them you discovered all of the little things that made up your friend. Brands are made in the same manner. You build a relationship with that brand, the products that they offer, and how they make you feel when you use those products. Have you ever discussed a product or brand and said something along the lines of “I don’t remember the name of it but I can see it”? We remember some element of the material used in packaging or some sort of visual cue that we base our memories and experience off.

The key takeaway for branding is to make your company stand out and provide a memorable positive experience for your customers. Good design is going to do that for you. Design isn't something that you should do on your own. You are busy running your business and have to worry about so many different areas of your business. Everyone needs help when it comes to creating a memorable brand and that is what designers are here to do.

Black Creative Studio wants to partner with your company to solve your design problems or answer any questions you may have. If you’re interested in a discussing how Black Creative Studio can help your company, contact us to set up a FREE consultation.

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