JBreeze Design Studio began as a single freelance design studio. The studio did work for a variety of clients. I worked on a lot of traditional print projects. There were a few brand identity projects that popped up every now and then. These projects were the type of projects that really interested me as a designer. That was what I wanted to focus on. In order to obtain more brand identity projects it was time to rebrand from a single freelance studio to a creative agency.


In order to take on more projects that I loved I needed to rebrand my freelance studio. The challenge was I didn't know what direction to take. The only thing I had in mind was to create an identity that demanded attention and stand out from other creative agencies. 

I started to brainstorm different possibilities for names. I wanted to carry a part of me into the new studio. The challenge here was that I didn't know exactly what that was. It dawned on me. I love my family and I decided to use my Swedish ancestry. 


There were many hours of research that went into just the naming of the new studio. I started developing a solution based on the new name. Black is not really the color, but Bläck meaning ink in Swedish. I began to work on shape studies. I wanted organic dots over the a in the type face to help tie in the translation. These dots represent splatters of ink from a close distance. I did not want to use a grunge effect. The brand identity needed to be clean with a touch of color to direct the viewers eye key information.

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