JBreeze Design Studio began as a single freelance design studio. The studio did work for a variety of clients. I worked on a lot of traditional print projects. There were a few brand identity projects that popped up every now and then. These projects were the type of projects that really interested me as a designer. That was what I wanted to focus on. In order to obtain more brand identity projects it was time to rebrand from a single freelance studio to a creative agency.


Design a new engaging brand for my freelance studio that captures my passion for branding and design.

Feature branding expertise. The new design studio needed to showcase my branding knowledge in a manner that is not boring but captivating and easy to understand. 

Generate new business. In order to generate new business I needed to know who my potential customer is and why do they need my services. 

Supporting services. Creating new brands or working with a company looking to rebrand is the cornerstone of the new design studio, however these types of projects are not the only aspect of the design industry that I am passionate about. I needed to incorporate my expertise and offer a full suite of services in order to continue providing clients with the capabilities and full support of a creative studio.


To support the new creative studio the previous branding system needed to be replaced. A new engaging and informative system was created. Some of the deliverables included:

New logo identity

New website and blog

SEO optimization

Social media channels


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