We create intelligent design solutions that generate results, demand the attention of the viewer, and represent your brand. We approach projects with great enthusiasm and our clients share in our excitement. Black Creative Studios is a full service design studio that specializes in brand identity. Don't fear we also work on advertising, graphic design, website development and packaging. We love what we do and our work is impactful. We want to help build your brand.



We simply believe better design means better business. Every business can not afford their own creative department. Or if they can, they need help and that is what Black Creative Studio does. We partner with small and medium sized businesses in order to take their brand to the next level. We want to work with your business. See what makes Black Creative Studio different from other agencies.





I am a husband, father, dog lover, DJ, Star Wars junkie, computer nerd, Apple lover, foodie, and an avid fan of Chicago sports. I currently live in South Bend, Indiana and have a Bachelor's of Science in Visual Communications. Simply, I am a graphic designer. What does that mean for you? I understand the importance of good design. I love creating intelligent visual solutions that exceed your expectations while remaining within budget and on deadline.​ 

I am a no frills designer. I like clean, simple and modern design. Simple solutions turn heads and generate results. That might not be the right solution for your problem. I will get funky when the situation calls for it. 

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